Wine Production


“Significant figures for a company that is growing steadily.”

Rosalba Montagano

Our focus on quality and constant monitoring of all phases, our adoption of latest-generation machinery, our sincerity in dealing with people, the skill and professionalism of our team.

This is Enoagrimm; this is what allows us to continue to enjoy steady growth.

Yesterday’s figures.
A lot has changed since we began, way back in 1979. A cellar in San Severo and a grape processing and must storage capacity of just 2,200 hectolitres. And also the grains (wheat, oats, barley and fava beans), of which we sold approximately 800,000 kilograms.

Today’s figures.
Today, Enoagrimm relies directly on suppliers based in the Tavoliere region, and only deals in their 100% Made in Italy products:

    1. Grapes (common, IGP [Protected Geographical Indication], varietals and organic), amounting to 70,000,000 kilograms, 500,000 hectolitres of which are stored in 316 stainless steel silos, plus further silos rented on a seasonal basis for the processing and storage of the remaining produce that cannot be stored on-site.

We are the leading company in Italy, and the second leading company in Europe in terms of capacity for processing and storing these agricultural products.

Today, Enoagrimm is the leading company in Europe in terms of the quantity of agricultural produce obtained exclusively from farmers and direct producers.

Tomorrow’s figures.
Having completed the construction of two new storage centres and silos in Torremaggiore and San Paolo Civitate, we have a new big goal: the 2016 harvesting campaign.

    1. Grapes (common, IGP, varietals and organic) amounting to over 100,000,000 kilograms.